Votes for Women?

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The 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918 will take place in the UK on 6 February. The centenary is being marketed by the mainstream media and feminists (but I repeat myself!) as the anniversary of “Votes for Women”.

Here’s a short, and hopefully, both enlightening and entertaining film produced by Fingerpost Films and starring myself and fellow Liberty Belle Catherine Kitsis about the REAL history of “votes for women” in the UK. As you will see, the really horrible history is that the Act was a triumph for universal suffrage for men and women and that the catalyst was not the domestic terrorism of the suffragettes but the tragedy of World War One.

Please feel free to post on social media along with the hashtags #VotesForWomen #VotesForMen  #Vote100. Let’s crash their party!

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Thanks for watching 🙂 Px

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